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Parks, Properties & Facilities

Cobalt Ridge Park

Within the 62 acre Cobalt-Quincy Hollow Greenbelt, Cobalt Ridge Park is a small neighborhood park located between Cobalt Cross Road and Queen Anne Creek.  This Middletown park features a half-court basketball court, a playground, benches and passive open space.

Community Center

The Raymond P. Mongillo, Sr. Community Center is located on 5.4 acres at 2140 Trenton Road in Levittown.  The Center is home to the Middletown Senior Citizens' Association, recreation and fitness programs for children and adults, rental space for private events and other community organizations.

Middletown Community Park

Located at 2600 Langhorne/Yardley Road in the northeast portion of Middletown, the Community Park is a major destination point in the Township.  This 42 acre park includes a Veterans' Memorial, gazebo, the Middletown Skate Park, two softball fields, two 60' baseball fields, a 90' baseball field, four soccer fields, a basketball court, walking paths, playground, benches, concession stands and the Community Park Barn. The Community Park Barn is used for year-round recreation programs and events.

Core Creek Park

Core Creek is a large regional park in the Bucks County Park System.  This 1185 acre park managed by Bucks County is a major recreation facility in Middletown Township.  Its numerous facilities include a lake and boat rental, picnic groves and pavilions, walking paths, woodlands and passive open space.

Pavilions and picnic groves are available for rental through Bucks County Parks & Recreation.

Delaware Park

Located on Wyoming Avenue off of Durham Road, the park is situated on 5.8 acres of land. Delaware Park is a natural habitat area featuring a walking path, benches and a picnic area.

Detective Christopher Jones Memorial Park

Detective Christopher Jones Memorial Park is a 15.9 acre park located at Beechwood and West Maple Avenues. The park features a softball field, a large rectangular field, a playground, walking paths and picnic tables. You can also test your knowledge of Dendrology (the study of trees) when visiting the park. You will find numbered trees and a chart listing the types of trees growing throughout the Park. Match the numbers with the correct description. Click here for the answers to the Native Tree Search.

Detweiler Park

Detweiler Park is located off of Fox Lane in Langhorne.  It is a small park situated on 2.4 acres land.  There are no facilities at this park.

Firefighters' Park

Firefighters' Park formerly known as Poplar Park, is a 13.2 acres park located on Poplar Street. The park features two baseball/softball fields, two tennis courts, two basketball courts, a playground, picnic tables and benches.

Forsythia Crossing Park

Forsythia Crossing Park is located north of Snowball Drive and is split into two parts by Forsythia Crossing Road. The park is situated on 6.6 acres of land and features a roller hockey rink on the eastern side of the road and a playground, walking path, picnic area, gazebo/pavilion, passive open space, benches. The park is in the Mill Creek greenway.

Harris Park

Harris Park is a small park located between Harris Avenue and the Neshaminy Creek. Situated on 2.6 acres of land, the park is passive open space.

Herbert Hoover Park

Herbert Hoover Park is located at Herbert Hoover Elementary School on Trenton Road. It is a soccer facility that is leased from the Neshaminy School District.

Lance Corporal Harry J. Simmons, Jr. Memorial Park

Lance Corporal Harry J. Simmons, Jr. Memorial Park is a large park located on Brownsville Road. Situated on 7.0 acres of land, this park features a softball field, two basketball courts, three tennis courts, a playground for 2 to 5 year olds and another for 5 to 12 year olds, walking paths and passive open space.  The park was named for the first Langhorne resident who was killed in the Vietnam War, L/Cpl Harry J. Simmons, Jr.

Lions Playground

Lions Park is a small park located on the corner of Trenton Road and Route 413 in the Snowball Gate section of Middletown. It is situated on 1.4 acres of land and features a playground, picnic table, and benches.

Periwinkle Park

Periwinkle Park is a multi-purpose park located on Periwinkle Avenue off of Brownsville Road. It is situated on 3.4 acres of passive open space adjacent to the Neshaminy Creek.

Quincy Hollow Park

Quincy Hollow Park is situated on 0.4 acres of land in the Queen Anne Creek greenway.  It is a mini park located between Quincy Hollow and the Queen Anne Creek. This park features a basketball court and massive open space.

Sunflower Park

Sunflower Park is a small park located on Sunflower Avenue. Situated on 0.4 acres of land the park features a playground, gazebo, picnic area and benches.

Tareyton Estates Park

Tareyton Estates Park is located on Tareyton Drive in the Tareyton Estate Development off of N. Flowers Mill Road. It is situated on a common green area, featuring a playground, picnic tables, benches and passive open space.

Twin Oaks Park

Twin Oaks Park is located at 2897 Trenton Road and serves the immediate neighborhoods of the eastern central portion of the Township. Situated on 18.0 acres of land, the park features one Babe Ruth League baseball field, three Little League baseball fields, three softball fields, one T-Ball field, two soccer fields, a playground and benches.

Upper Orchard Park

Upper Orchard Park is a mini-park located on Upper Orchard Drive. Situated on 0.9 acres the park is within the Mill Creek greenway.  This park features half-court basketball, playground, picnic table and benches.

Veterans Memorial Park

Veterans Memorial Park is located at 700 Veterans Highway adjacent to the Middletown Department of Public Works. This park provides a place for quiet reflection and education. It features a walking path that pays tribute to veterans both living and those who sacrificed their lives for freedom. An authentic army tank and memorial provides the backdrop for this park which features a picnic pavilion and benches.