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Where are the Lines?

The areas represented by elected officials depending upon the position and level of government.  The links and descriptions below describe the areas our elected officials represent.  Positions representing districts or regions are subject to change every year following the decennial Census.

Middletown Township Supervisors
As a township of the second class, Middletown Township Supervisors are elected at-large, meaning they are elected by and represent the entire Township.  There are five supervisors who are elected to rotating, six-year terms.

Bucks County Positions
The Bucks County Commissioners and all row offices are elected at-large by the entire population of Bucks County.  All positions are elected every four years, with some positions on opposing election cycles.

Neshaminy School District
Neshaminy School Distrait is organized into three regions.  Each region is represented by three directors elected to rotating four-year terms.  While a majority of the Neshaminy School District is comprised of Middletown Township residents, the School District also serves residents of Langhorne Borough, Langhorne Manor Borough, Penndel Borough, Hulmeville Borough, and Lower Southampton Township.

Magisterial Court Judges
Judges elected in eighteen districts in Bucks County serve in Magisterial Courts.  Two districts, 07-1-07 and 07-1-08, represent Middletown Township.

US House of Representatives
The US House of Representatives contains eighteen members elected by districts in Pennsylvania.  Middletown Township is represented by the First Congressional District.  District One contains all of Bucks County with segments of Hatfield and Montgomeryville in Montgomery County.

PA Senate
The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's Senate is comprised of fifty senators elected to four-year terms by districts.  Middletown Township is represented by the sixth district, which includes several other municipalities in lower Bucks County.

PA House of Representatives
The Pennsylvania House of Representatives consists of 203 members elected by districts, elected to two-year terms.  Middletown Township contains portions of three districts: Districts 140, 141, and 142.  District 140 covers the smallest amount of Middletown Township, which includes a few neighborhoods in Levittown south of Business Route 1.  District 141 covers a few neighborhoods in the southern are of Middletown Township's section of Levittown , neighborhoods along Durham Road, and Parkland.  District 142 covers the remainder of Middletown Township, including neighborhoods north of Route 1 in Langhorne, and a few neighborhoods in the central part Middletown Township's section of Levittown.  


Which Offices are on the Ballot?

In Pennsylvania, elections in even years are to elect representatives at the federal and state levels of government.  In odd years, elections are held for local representation, including municipalities, counties, school districts, and judgeships.  A primary election is held every year for political party members to nominate candidates to run for office that year.  The General Election is held on the first Tuesday in November every year.

The following offices are scheduled for election in the following years for Middletown Township residents.  These are subject to change by their respective authorities.

Middletown Township Supervisors (two positions)
Middletown Township Tax Collector
Middletown Township Auditor (one position)
Bucks County District Attorney
Bucks County Sheriff
Bucks County Prothonotary
Bucks County Recorder of Deeds
Bucks County Controller
Neshaminy School District Directors (four positions)
Inspector of Elections (one per precinct) 
Court Retentions (various)
Judge of Elections (one per precinct)
Judgeships (various)

US House of Representatives
US Senator (one position)
PA Governor
PA House of Representatives
PA Senate (even-numbered seats only)

Middletown Township Supervisor (one position)
Middletown Township Auditor (one position)
Bucks County Commissioners (three positions)
Bucks County Register of Wills
Bucks County Treasurer
Bucks County Clerk for Courts
Bucks County Coroner
Neshaminy School District Directors (five positions)
Court Retentions (various)
Judgeships (various)