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Township Projects

Middletown Township continuously invests its resources into projects that improve the infrastructure, safety, accessibility, functionality, and beauty of our community on a routine basis.  The information below contains updates and plans for several ongoing projects.

To see a full list of planned and future capital improvement projects, please view the Township's Capital Improvement Plan, available in our annual budget.


This project involves replacing the bridge that carries Brownsville Road over Neshaminy Creek. In order to do so, 0.07 acres of right-of-way and 0.08 acres of temporary construction access of Periwinkle Park are needed. The project will not affect activities, features, or attributes of Periwinkle Park. This project is anticipated to begin Summer 2022.

The project plans can be viewed here.

A pedestrian bridge creating access between the Snowball Gate and Forsythia Gate sections of Levittown was closed earlier this year due to unsafe conditions.  This bridge will be replaced to restore pedestrian access.  The replacement bridge will be a prefabricated bridge that will be installed at the location of the existing bridge.  This bridge will be wider to meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility requirements.  A sketch of this bridge is pictured below.  Because of the cost of this project, Middletown Township is required by law to bid this project.

On Monday, August 27, 2020, the Middletown Township Board of Supervisors authorized advertisement to solicit bids for a prefabricated bridge.  The bridge is expected to be installed and completed in the spring of 2021.

Diagram of replacement footbridge over Mill Creek in Levittown.

Middletown Township has a multi-year ADA Curb Ramp Program representing our commitment to bringing neighborhood pedestrian accessibility up to Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards.  ADA ramps are typically installed at the ends of a segment of sidewalk allowing someone to more easily navigate between sidewalks and across roadways.  When possible, the Township tries to install ADA ramps before a road is repaved.

The 2020 ADA Curb Ramp Program was authorized to begin soliciting bids for the construction of handicap ramps.  The 2020 program focuses on the Georgetown development off of Langhorne-Newtown Road.  A total of 48 handicap ramps at 15 intersections along Danby Lane, Hampton Drive, and Canton Lane are slated to be installed in 2020.  A map of the planned intersections can be found here

Bids for the 2020 program were rejected due to an above-average cost.  The 2020 program will be completed with the 2021 program in conjunction with the 2021 Road Improvement Program.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) will also be installing ADA curb ramps on select state roads through 2023.

In August 2020, Middletown Township's Langhorne Gables Storm Sewer Rehabilitation Project was awarded a $275,000 state grant.  This grant fund major drainage improvements in the Langhorne Gables neighborhood by replacing storm sewer infrastructure.  This project is expected to get underway in the fall of 2020.

Middletown Township has been working for several years with PennDOT to bring major improvements to Langhorne-Yardley Road. The project will include improvements at the Langhorne-Yardley Road intersections with Bridgetown Pike and Woodbourne Road, spanning the southern boundary of Core Creek Park. The plan overview can be viewed here. 

A public presentation was made on this project on July 20, 2020, which can be viewed here.

At the Bridgetown Pike intersection with Langhorne-Yardley Road, a traffic circle is proposed in place of the existing "Y" shaped signalized intersection. Traffic circles naturally calm traffic by reducing speeds while maintaining consistent flow from all directions and during peak and non-peak traffic times.  This plan includes significant pedestrian improvements, including a planned connection to the Bridgetown Pike entrance to Core Creek Park.  The plans to improve this intersection can be viewed here.

At the Woodbourne Road intersection, Woodbourne Road will be reoriented to create a
wider, realigned approach on the north side of the intersection. The Woodbourne Road and Langhorne-Yardley Road intersection will also have dedicated left-turn lanes on all four sides.  This plan includes improvements for pedestrian access and crossing.  The plans to improve this intersection can be viewed here.

These improvements are made possible with township, county, state, and federal funds. More than a dozen agencies in all levels of government have been involved to bring this project to fruition. Middletown Township's involvement has accelerated the project timeline by several years. The estimated completion date for these
improvements is in 2023.  Traffic Planning & Design, the Township's traffic engineer, is completing the
work for the Township.

Middletown Community Park spans 42 acres and is the largest park owned by Middletown Township. Dedicated in 1996, Community Park is the centerpiece of two recently awarded grants to the Township. One grant is from the Bucks County Open Space Program and the second is from the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.

A new one-mile trail was constructed connecting Community Park to the 1,200 acres of Core Creek Park. The trail runs along Langhorne-Yardley Road. The trail was completed in November 2019. The trail connects nearby neighborhoods to the parks. A pedestrian traffic signal is being installed at the entrance to Community Park this fall to safe pedestrian access.

A second grant, currently in progress, improves the amenities within Community Park. The new 8,600 square foot concrete Skate Park is the main feature of this park improvement program and is gladly welcomed by the skaters in the area ever since the grand opening in November 2019.

Happening this fall is the installation of a new high-tech kickwall. The new kickwall will allow soccer players to compete with their friends in the park or to log on and play someone in another state or country. The kickwall combines elements of a multiplayer video game while particpating physically.


Beginning in 2019, the Neighborhood Sign Program is bringing a fresh look to neighborhoods throughout our community.  Many neighborhoods in our community are referred to by their development name.  Several neighborhoods had signs indicating these names, some of which were more than fifty years old.  The Neighborhood Sign Program is a multi-year beautification project aimed at providing a fresh, cohesive visual identity to the neighborhoods of Middletown Township.

Phase 1 of the program concluded in 2019, and saw the replacement of approximately 45 green signs.  All neighborhood signs standing at the time of the program were replaced.  The Middletown Township Department of Public Works installed each sign to reduce project costs.

Phase 2 of the program is slated for 2021, and will add signs at many previously unmarked neighborhood entrances.  Existing maroon and green signs in Forsythia Gate and Highland Park will also be replaced.

The new signs are made of solid high-density urethane, finished with automotive paint and reflective lettering.  Breakaway posts are an added safety and durability feature.  The neighborhood signs were designed by Middletown Township's own Terry McCloskey.

For more information about the Neighborhood Sign Program, please contact Nick Valla.

Photo of Neighborhood sign at Sycamore Ridge

Middletown Township's Road Improvement Program is a fourteen-year plan to repave more than 100 miles of Township-owned roads in the community.  Damaged and worn roads can cause safety hazards and additional risk to vehicle maintenance. It is important to keep road repaving on schedule because delays cause additional wear to roads, making them more expensive to fix and maintain over longer periods of time.

The 2020 program includes 3.8 miles of Township roads that will be milled and repaved and is currently underway.  The project was awarded to General Asphalt Paving Company for $926,365.  The following road segments are slated to be repaved:

  • Alberts Way
  • Bernick Drive
  • Branford Way
  • Cambridge Drive
  • Choate Court
  • Colby Lane
  • David Drive
  • Exeter Court
  • Hanover Court
  • Heaton’s Mill Circle
  • Heaton’s Mill Drive
  • Huntingdon Place
  • James Court
  • Old Swift Road (between Banks Road an Silver Lake Road)
  • Silver Lake Road (north of Banks Road intersection to cul-de-sac end)
  • Township Line Road (from railroad tracks to I-295 bridge)
  • Walton Road
  • Windham Drive
Maps of the planned road segments slated for repaving in 2020 can be found here.  Construction is expected to be completed by the fall.  Please follow posted signage as crews perform work.