Trash & Recycling Service Alert - July 15, 2024

Waste Management will be collecting Trash and Recycling approximately one (1) hour earlier than normal the week of July 15th Tuesday-Wednesday due to the forecasted heat. Please be sure to place all bins at the curb the evening prior. Collections may occur as early as 5 AM. We appreciate your understanding as steps are being taken to protect the well-being of our sanitation workers.

For more information about our trash and recycling collection, please visit our Trash & Recycling webpage.  To report a collection issue, please call Waste Management’s customer service line for Middletown residents at 1 (800) 255-8479.


Bids Received from Trash Contractors - We Want to Hear From You!

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Middletown Township recently received bids from trash and recycling service providers to provide service to the community for the next five years. The bids included an option to leave collection “as is” and several options aimed at controlling costs, such as moving to once a week collection and incorporating automated collection. 

Currently, Middletown Township residents pay $401 per household per year to receive twice a week manual trash collection.

Bids were received from three companies—Waste Management is the lowest bidder for all options.  

  • To maintain the existing level of service (twice a week manual collection), residents would pay approximately $682-$700 per household per year, a 70-75% increase over the current rate.
  • If the option for twice a week automated collection were selected, residents would pay approximately $644-$660 per household per year, a 60-65% increase over the current rate.
  • If the option for once a week automated collection were selected, residents would pay approximately $476-$512 per household per year, a 19-28% increase over the current rate.

A change to bulk waste was also contemplated in the bids received—the cost for changing collection from one item per week (as-is) to two items per month would be on the lower end of the estimate cost ranges noted above.

Due to the compact streets and difficulty storing large trash carts, the neighborhoods of Tareyton, Hollybrooke, and the Villas at Middletown will remain with manual collection, however a change to once a week collection is possible.

Tell Us What You Think!

With this information in mind, the Board of Supervisors would like to know what you think—please complete this survey to share your feedback. The Board of Supervisors is tentatively expected to award a contract to Waste Management in August.