Municipal Center Open by Appointment Only

Beginning Monday, November 30, the Middletown Township Municipal Center is open by appointment only.  Please use the following numbers and links to schedule an appointment.

Police Department (non-emergency) - 215-750-3845
Building & Zoning - 215-750-3844
Fire & Emergency Management - 215-750-3812
Public Works - 215-943-2900
Parks & Recreation - 215-750-3890
Finance - 215-750-3833
Administration/General Inquiries - 215-750-3836


Yearly Fire Inspections Deferred for 2020

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To read the complete announcement and see a checklist, please click here.

RE: Yearly Fire Inspections 
As the Middletown Township business community recovers from the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Fire & Emergency Management Department is poised to assist businesses to re-open to get our economy rolling again.  Most importantly, we want to see businesses re-open in a fire-safe manner.  We understand the significant economic and emotional impact COVID-19 has had on our community and are committed to doing everything in our power to give our businesses the best chance at survival. 

For the remainder of 2020, our formal fire inspection program will be paused and shifted to a selfreported safety walk-through program.  This should satisfy insurance company requirements for fire safety.  There will be no fee from the Township for this process. 
Middletown Township will require you to provide our office with the following documents – (whichever applies to your business) for the calendar year 2020: 
1) Fire alarm testing certification.
2) Sprinkler system testing certification.
3) 90-minute emergency light test certification – can be done in-house.  
4) Show proof your fire extinguishers have had their annual service and tagged.
5) Notification to us if key(s) to the Knox-box must be updated. 
In addition to the items above, restaurants are required to provide the following: 
1) Show proof that your hood & duct systems have been professionally cleaned & tagged – on a semi-annual basis.
2) Show proof that your hood suppression systems have had their semi-annual service and tagged as such. 
In order to assist you, we have attached a “Preparation Check List” for commonly addressed items we normally find on a routine basis. 
Please send your documents to or fax to 215.750.3816. 
The staff in the Office of Fire & Emergency Management are here to help you during this time. If you need anything, please let us know. We look forward to seeing you in 2021 for your annual inspection.