What to do with Fall Foliage – Other Than Leaving Leaves in Storm Drains

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Autumn is marked by falling temperatures, falling rain and falling leaves. While stormwater systems are prepared for increases in the volume of water, the added leaf litter can aggravate the treatment process and overwhelm systems. The main issue with fall foliage in a stormwater system is that leaf litter contributes to harmful chemicals in our water.

By looking for ways to use leaves at home, you can help minimize these issues. Some of these things include:

  • Mulching flower beds or around trees with the leaves
  • Add leaves to your compost pile
  • Fertilize your lawn naturally by mowing your leaves
  • Rake them up and put them out for collection
If you can’t find a way to use all of your leaves and need to put them out for collection, keep them out of the street. If you have a storm sewer inlet in front of your house, be sure to keep it clear of leaves and other debris.