Middletown Township Basin Naturalization Project

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Middletown Township has been working on a Basin Naturalization Project to ensure stormwater is adequately managed.

In Pennsylvania, the Department of Environmental Project (DEP) administers the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) program to ensure local authorities actively maintain, improve, and invest in our local stormwater management system. This requires the Township to actively maintain, improve, and invest in our local stormwater management system. 

In Fall 2021, Middletown Township retrofitted five basins in the community to prepare them for naturalization. This included (1) planting of native wetland plants and wildflowers, (2) installation of low-level outlet control structures, and (3) installation of riprap aprons. All three components work together to slow the velocity of stormwater, preventing erosion, and increasing retention time, allowing sediment and suspended solids to settle and be diverted away from creeks and waterways.

Naturalized basins have several benefits compared to conventional basins. Vegetation helps to reduce runoff pollutants and improve the quality of the water leaving the basins. Water has a greater ability to recharge into the ground due to native plants’ deeper root systems. Insects that reduce the mosquito and tick population are better able to colonize. Less maintenance is required in basin interiors, which can often be hazardous for workers.

View the detailed fact sheet and timeline here.