What to Know Before Your Home Renovation

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Are you planning on finally getting a new deck or updating your kitchen? Don’t forget these tips as you get your project started.

Most large renovation and construction projects require a permit before starting.  Obtaining a permit assures the work being performed is safe and up to code.  A list of projects typically requiring permits is available on our website.  When in doubt, it is always best to call the Department of Building & Zoning to see what is required before beginning your project.

If you plan to get a dumpster as you begin your next home project, remember that dumpsters cannot be placed on public streets, and must be placed in your driveway.  Not only does this assure adequate street parking, but it allows emergency vehicles to navigate during their response.

If a permit is required for your project, you may be required to have an inspection completed. Inspections assure that the work complete is safe and in line with building codes.  Be sure to ask about inspections during the permit application process.