Maple Point, Laurel Oaks, Highland Gate Parking Restrictions

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Some street segments in the Maple Point, Laurel Oaks, and Highland Gate neighborhoods will have temporary "no parking" signs posted effective until Tuesday evening (July 14, 2020).  This restriction is to allow for the planned Community Caravan with the Philadelphia Flyers.

These streets will not be closed, but movement will be restricted as the parade moves through the neighborhood.  Please follow posted signage for which street segments will be affected.  

This restriction will be in effect the morning of Monday, July 13, and be lifted Tuesday, July 14, at 5 PM.

The streets affected will be:
Atkinson Lane
Baldwin Lane
Briggs Road
Croasdale Drive
Dilworth Lane
Fairman Lane
Fawnhill Drive
Flint Road
Kilburn Road
Knollbrook Drive
Maple Point Drive
Norsam Drive
Paxson Lane
Trappe Lane