2020 Road Program Begins Soon!

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The 2020 Road Improvement Program will be underway soon! 3.8 miles of Township roads will be getting a facelift in the coming months.  The following road segments are slated to be repaved:

  • Alberts Way
  • Bernick Drive
  • Branford Way
  • Cambridge Drive
  • Choate Court
  • Colby Lane
  • David Drive
  • Exeter Court
  • Hanover Court
  • Heaton’s Mill Circle
  • Heaton’s Mill Drive
  • Huntingdon Place
  • James Court
  • Old Swift Road (between Banks Road an Silver Lake Road)
  • Silver Lake Road (north of Banks Road intersection to cul-de-sac end)
  • Township Line Road (from railroad tracks to I-295 bridge)
  • Walton Road
  • Windham Drive
Please follow posted signage as crews begin to perform work.