BCWSA began a 24 hour operation to pump the sewage around the problem area and placed a camera in the sewer pipe to determine the extent of the blockage and the location of the blockage.  A jet truck was also used to try to flush or free up the blockage.

It was later determined that the sanitary sewer pipe collapsed causing a void in the soil just beneath the layers of asphalt. The road had to be opened up to replace the collapsed sanitary sewer pipe.

A portion of Big Oak Road (between Chancery Road and Woodbourne Road) will remain closed until this repair is completed. To date, BCWSA has not determined the extent of the pipe that needs to be replaced or a date that this work will be completed.  This repair is very difficult due to the size of the sewer line (18” and 24” diameter) and the depth of the pipe (18-feet deep).

Once the pipe is replaced, the trench will be backfilled and the base asphalt will be installed across the entire width of the road. Big Oak Road will be re-opened for traffic after the base asphalt is installed. The top asphalt layer will be installed approximately 30 days after the installation of the base asphalt. Line painting will be the last item to be completed.