According to PA Act 32, all residents of EIT taxing jurisdictions, such as Middletown Township is, are required to file an Annual EIT Return. This includes any resident, who has earned income(compensation from wages or net profits).  The EIT is not subject to interest and dividends,  investment income or retirement income, including social security benefits.

Annual Returns can be paper prepared and mailed or e-filed 24/7 at  Taxpayers will need a W-2, Social Security Number and any other income documents that may apply (such as a 1099, or a PA-UE).  

There is a Low Income Exemption for anyone whose earned income is below $12,000 for the year. You must file a paper return to claim this exemption and handwrite "LOW INCOME EXEMPTION" boldly across the top of the form.

Please see the EIT FAQs on Middletown’ s website for more information. 

Please direct any specific questions you may have regarding your EIT obligation to Keystone Collection Group at:  (724) 978-0300 or (888)328-0565.

Taxpayers with earned income in 2014 are required to file by April 15th.