Due to the installation of a temporary traffic signal on the detour route the implementation of the Route 213 detour has been rescheduled to Monday, July 21.

When construction gets underway on July 21 crews will work to replace the structurally deficient Route 213 (Maple Avenue) Bridge over the Neshaminy Creek and build a roundabout to improve travel through the intersection of Route 213 (Maple Avenue) and Bridgetown Pike in Middletown and Lower Southampton townships, Bucks County.

When the Route 213 (Maple Avenue) bridge closes to traffic on July 21, crews will begin to remove the existing structurally deficient three-span concrete arch structure and replace it with a new three-span concrete arch bridge.

The new Route 213 (Maple Avenue) bridge will be 226 feet long and 31 feet wide, eight feet wider than the existing span. It will carry two 11-foot travel lanes, a five-foot shoulder and a four-foot shoulder. The bridge will be adorned with aesthetic treatments to resemble the current bridge, including concrete sidewalls and enclosed concrete arches, and a maple leaf imprint atop the columns on each pier.

With the closure of Route 213 (Maple Avenue), detours will be posted for passenger cars and trucks. The posted detour for passenger cars will use Old Lincoln Highway, Bristol Road and Bridgetown Pike. Trucks will follow the detour of U.S. Route 1 (Lincoln Highway), Route 132 (Street Road) and Route 532 (Bustleton Pike).

The existing bridge on Route 213 (Maple Avenue) was built in 1929. It is 23 feet wide, 225 feet long and posted with a 30-ton weight restriction. The bridge carries 10,352 vehicles a day.

This transportation improvement project also includes the realignment of the intersection of Route 213 (Maple Avenue) and Bridgetown Pike to create a new single-lane roundabout to move traffic smoothly and safely through the intersection.

The roundabout will improve traffic flow because it eliminates the signalized intersection and the extremely tight left turn move from Bridgetown Pike to Route 213 (Maple Avenue).

The intersection will remain open during construction, except for one weekend when a closure is required. Roundabout construction is expected to begin in early 2015.


Information courtesy of TMA Bucks.  Visit them at http://www.tmabucks.com