In order to better serve the community, the Middletown Township Police Department is now utilizing an electronic messaging system that allows direct communication with persons who sign up to receive messages via email, SMS, or text messaging to their mobile device. The service is provided by Nixle, a trusted entity with partners such as the National Law Enforcement Telecommunications System (NLETS), the U.S. Conference of Mayors, the Council of State Governments, the Police Executive Research Forum, among others.

The Middletown Township Police Department encourages you to subscribe to Nixle so information can be disseminated throughout our community quickly and accurately. The service is free of charge (standard text messaging rates may apply). You can register below or at

What is Nixle?

Nixle is a Community Information Service dedicated to helping you stay connected to the information that matters most to you, depending on your physical location. You stay connected to your local police department, your children’s schools, your local community agencies and organizations, and the important information from other locations throughout the country that are relevant to you. Our service is built on the most secure, reliable, and high-speed distribution platform, ensuring that you receive trusted and immediate, geographically relevant information. Information is immediately available over your cell phone by text message, by email, and over the web. Your account can be customized so you receive the information that matters most to you. Whether it is where you live, work, or have friends or family throughout the country, the information is immediately available to you over your mobile phone, email and computer.

What messages would I receive through Nixle?

Only authenticated agencies and community organizations can securely publish information. There are four types of messages; Alerts (many would refer to this as an emergency type alert), Advisories (less urgent need-to-know information), Community Information (day-to-day neighborhood to community-level information), Traffic (very localized traffic information).

Do I have to register to use Nixle?

Anyone can view information by going to without registering. However, to customize the information you receive and the locations you receive it from, in addition to receiving information by text message and email, you must set up an account. Once registered you can personalize your locations and your preferences, making the service fit your needs.

Do I have to give my mobile phone number?

No. However, the strength of the Nixle system is the delivery of real-time messages when you’re on the go. The best way to stay up-to-date with important information that could affect you and your family is to receive notifications by e-mail and mobile device.

Can anyone track my location using the system?

No. Nixle does not track users or share your contact information. See Nixle's Privacy Policy for more details

How many text messages will I receive in a month?

This will vary depending on the number of notifications published. The service is simple to change text and email options.

Can I limit the number of text messages I receive?

You can limit the number of text messages by adjusting the type of messages you receive. You can opt out of any service except public safety Urgent and Important messages. For example, you can choose to receive Urgent and Important messages on your mobile device and e-mail and community news in just your e-mail.

How do I know a text message I received is real?

Nixle goes through an extensive identity certification and authentication process before authorizing any agency or organization to publish information into the service.

Can I respond to a text message?

No. However, if you wish to share a crime tip or information with the agency that sent you the message, contact details can be found by accessing the alert online.

How do I unsubscribe?

Log in at and click "Settings". There you can adjust which messages you receive and on which device(s) you receive them. You also have the option to eliminate all messages under the "Account" tab. Should you wish to completely unsubscribe, simply send an email to and we will discontinue your service.