Pat Duffy
Middletown Department of Building & Zoning, is responsible for the enforcement of the Township’s zoning, subdivision, and land development codes and administers Zoning Hearing Board, Subdivision, and Land Use applications. The Department also administers the Building, Electrical and Plumbing Code, minimum housing standards, and Township property maintenance ordinances. Lastly, the Department reviews and inspects all building construction and improvement projects for compliance with the Building, Electrical and Plumbing Code.

Please Note: For any information regarding the resale of an existing home, please contact the Office of the Fire Marshal directly at 215-750-3812.

The overall function of the Department of Building & Zoning is to ensure the responsible growth and development of Middletown by focusing on issues such as reducing the risk of flood damage through sound stormwater management practices.

Department phone: 215-750-3800 ext. 1110

Patrick Duffy, P.E.

Ruth Sproehnle
Building & Zoning Administrative Assistant

Tom McCool, BCO
Building Code Official & Inspector

Sandy Morgan
Code Enforcement /
Apartment Inspector

Lesley Hillegas
Building & Zoning Code Administrator

Kim Basiura
Building & Zoning Code Administrator

Jim Metts
Inspector / Building Maintenance