Can I conduct my business from home?
Yes, you must apply for an accessory use permit.  Requirements for the application vary by the type of use.  For assistance visit the Building & Zoning office or call 215-750-3800 ext. 1114.

What size should my house number be?
Emergency responders need to see your address clearly from the street.  Residential house numbers must be at least six (6) inches tall and be of a color visible from the street.

How often do I need to cut my grass?
   You may not allow your grass or weeds to exceed twelve (12) inches in height.

Can I keep a vehicle on my property or in the street even though it is not registered or inspected?
A vehicle is considered abandoned either in the street or on your property if after ten (10) days it is not properly registered and inspected or is not operable.  The vehicle must be removed from the property or parked in a garage so that it is not visible from the street or neighboring properties.

Can I keep a truck, which I use for work and transportation to and from work, at my home?
   No trailers, trucks or truck trailers with a gross weight in excess of 14,000 pounds can be kept in a residential area either on the street or on your property.  Gross vehicle weight is defined as the weight of a vehicle plus the load weight it is authorized to pull or carry.  This information may be found on your vehicle registration.  This rule does not apply to recreational vehicles.

How do I find the zoning district of a particular property?
Call the Building & Zoning Department at 215-750-3800 ext. 1114 with the parcel number or address or email

What is permitted in certain zoning districts?
   Permissible uses for each zoning district are outlined in the Township Zoning Ordinance.

When does the Zoning Hearing Board meet?
   The Zoning Hearing Board meets the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month.

How long does it take to get on the Zoning Hearing Board Agenda?
   Approximately thirty(30) days after a request is reviewed by the Director of Building & Zoning.