Zero clearance heaters were installed in all Levittown homes when they were first built in the 1950's. In the 1980's, it became apparent that these heaters were the cause of numerous house fires. After many years of operation, the heating devices dried out the materials surrounding them causing them to reach ignition temperature, thereby causing fires.

To eliminate the dangers of zero clearance devices, Township Ordinance 85-8 was adopted in 1985. This ordinance mandates all Levittown heater compartments to be inspected at the time of sale and when a new boiler is installed. This standard requires that the walls within the heater compartment be protected with a fire resistant material and that no holes exist within the compartment, except for air intake.

Prior to the sale of a home or the installation of a heater/boiler, the Department of Building & Zoning  must conduct an inspection and issue a permit. The applicant is responsible for arranging inspections and payment.