What do I need from the Fire Marshal to sell my house in Levittown or Langhorne?
A level 2 chimney inspection is required for all homes being sold in Middletown Township.  Chimney inspections must be completed by a certified chimney contractor and a copy of the inspection must be sent to the Fire Marshal's office.  Click here for a list of certified chimney contractors. 
   In addition in Levittown, an inspection of the heater compartment walls is required.

Where should I place smoke detectors in my home?
   Smoke detectors should be placed on each floor and one in each bedroom.
Do I need a permit for installation of a residential oil tank?
A permit is required for the removal, abandonment or for new installation of residential oil tanks.

Where can I find information about the fees for commercial fire inspections?
Click here for a copy of the Township Fee Schedule.

Who should I call with questions about fire safety inspection violations or invoices?
Call the Fire Marshal's office at 215-750-3812 or email shoagland@middletownbucks.org.