2020 Proposed Budget
Click the link below to download a copy of the Township's 2020 Proposed Budget.

2019 Budget

2018 Budget

2017 Budget

2016 Budget  

2015 Budget 

2014 Adopted Budget

Calendar of the Township's Annual Budget Preparation/Adoption

The budget calendar for Middle town Township is listed below:

  • January 1 - The Township's fiscal year begins
  • Month of January following a municipal election- The Board of Supervisors may amend the already adopted budget on or before February 15.
  • Throughout the Year - Quarterly budget reports are presented by the Finance Director to the Board of Supervisors and public.
  • Mid-August - The Township's department directors begin the process of formulating their departmental requests for the upcoming fiscal year.
  • September/October - The Township Manager and Finance Director work with department directors to develop departmental budgets.  Departmental budgets are then assembled into a preliminary budget.
  • October/November - Public budget work sessions are scheduled to review the proposed budget, discuss budget cuts, changes and possible alternative funding sources.
  • November through December - The Preliminary Budget is presented to the public and the Board of Supervisors during a regularly scheduled Board of Supervisors Meeting in November.   
  • End of November 30 - The Board of Supervisors advertises the availability of the proposed budget to the public and allows public review.
  • December 31 - The Board of Supervisors must adopt the final budget and necessary appropriations.

Township Accounts

The Township's accounts are organized on the basis of funds and account groups, each of which is considered a separate, self-balancing accounting entity.

The category of Governmental Fund Types include funds for general government services:

  1. General Fund
  2. Special Revenue Funds
    1. Highway Aid
    2. Park and Recreation
    3. General Street Light
    4. Ambulance and Rescue Squad
    5. Fire Hydrant
    6. Fire Protection
    7. Road Machinery
    8. Debt Service 
  3. Capital Projects Funds
    1. Capital Reserve
    2. Contingency
    3. Curb/Road Revolving Loan
    4. Investment Fund
    5. Open Space

A second fund category, known as Proprietary Fund Types, include the enterprise funds. This money is used to account for operations that are financed and operated in a manner similar to private business, or where the governing body has decided that periodic determination of revenues earned, expenses incurred, and/or net income is appropriate for capital maintenance, public policy, long-term debt obligation, management control, accountability, or other purposes. Funds in this category include:

  1. Middle town Country Club Fund
  2. Styler Orchards Farm Fund

The third category of funds are the Fiduciary Funds, including trust and agency funds. These are used to account for the assets held by the Township in a trustee or agent capacity for individuals, private organizations, other governments, and/or other funds. These funds include:

  1. General Employee Pension Fund
  2. Police Pension Fund
  3. Fire Companies
  4. Deferred Compensation
  5. Post-Retirement Health Benefits Funds
  6. Township Escrow Funds

Bill List

A bill list is prepared for each public meeting of the Board of Supervisors. The bill list is generated to indicate which vendors will be issued payments and the amounts paid during the current payment cycle. The public is invited to review the bill list, which is available in the Finance Department at the Municipal Center.