The RFP for the Comprehensive Plan is now available. Responses are due by 4 p.m. on December 20! See the document below for the project details and RFP instructions.

Comprehensive Plan RFP

The following questions regarding the RFP were asked prior to the deadline. The answers are listed below.

DVRPC announced that the grant to the Township for this project is $67,000.00. The TCDI program requires a 20% match by the township which is $16,750.00. Will the Township match be all in cash, all in in-kind services or a combination of both? If it is a combination, how much is cash is the match. If the Township is providing in-kind services, which services will the Township provide?

The exact cash amount of the Township match will be determined by the cost of the selected proposal, but the Township expects most of its match to come from in-kind services. The expected in-kind services will be staff time for the grant administration and participation in the Comprehensive Plan Committee.

Please provide the TCDI grant application to DVRPC to consultants.

The application is available here.

Please make the township most current parks and recreation plan available on-line.

The most recent parks and recreation plan was created in 2005, and electronic copies were not made available. Bound hard copies are available at the municipal center for any prospective respondent who wishes to see them. Scanning them was not possible.

Does the Township has a trails and greenway plan? If yes, please make available on-line.

This is included in the parks and recreation plan noted in the question above.

The Proposal Scope III.d indicates we will have to “Meet Regularly with the Committee to provide updates and incorporate feedback on the plan”. Is there a defined meeting schedule (i.e. monthly, weekly, etc.) or will this be on an as needed basis?

No schedule has been defined. It is expected that the selected planner and the Comprehensive Plan Committee will meet initially and determine he necessary frequency of meetings.

Does the Township have a deadline or goal for completion?

The Township's goal is to complete the project in January of 2020 so that it can be approved by the Board of Supervisors in February. These dates are ahead of the grant's deadline. See below.

Typically a grant requires a deadline of completion. What is this projects grant deadline?

The grant's deadline is June of 2020.

The RFP indicates that visual displays / Various Maps should be provided? Does The Township have any existing / GIS / cad mapping files (i.e., .doc, .shp, .cad, etc.)?

The Township can provide zoning, open space, and watershed maps in either .pdf or .cad formats.

Will the successful consultant be working with a subcommittee or directly with the Board of Supervisors throughout the project?

The successful consultant will work with the Comprehensive Plan Committee, which will include Township staff and residents who serve on related volunteer boards and commissions. A member of the Board of Supervisors may serve on the committee. The successful consultant will, as noted in the RFP, present the final plan at a public meeting of the Board of Supervisors.

Is there a minimum number of meetings anticipated?

There is no set minimum. See the question above regarded anticipated meeting schedules.

And the usual – will you be providing a summary of all consultant questions and answers?

Each question received before the deadline has been answered above. Please note, if anyone believes they submitted a question before the deadline that was not answered, please email and it will be addressed on this site.