The Mercantile License Tax is levied on the gross receipts of wholesale trade, retail trade, and food/refreshment trade businesses in Middletown Township.

In addition to the Merchantile Tax, Neshaminy School District also levies a Business Privilege Tax, which is applied to businesses that provide a service and/or rentals within the district. The tax also requires an annual license as well.

Combined Tax Rates:

Retail Sales - 1.5 Mills (.75 Mill – Township / .75 Mill – School District)

Wholesale Sales - 1.0 Mills (.50 Mill – Township / .50 Mill – School District)

Service/Rental Sales - 1.5 Mills (0 Mill – Township / 1.5 Mill – School District)

Retail or Wholesale License - $4 each ($2 – Township / $2 – School District)

Service/Rental License - $5 each (0 Mill – Township / $5 – School District)

Middletown Township, and the Neshaminy School District, require businesses to obtain a license and file a Mercantile Tax return and a Business Privilege Tax return by September 1st of each year.  The Tax for both is administered by Berkheimer Tax Administrator.  More information on this tax can be found here:

For assistance in filing the Business Privilege/Mercantile Tax, please call Berkheimer at 610-363-7214 or 800-360-7214 during regular business hours of 9:00AM thru 4:00PM, Monday thru Friday, or by email to: