Middletown Township Parks & Recreation would like to announce that we are using a new registration software for all of our recreational programming offerings.  

To browse our programs, create an account, and sign up for recreation programs, click here. For instructions on how to set up an account and use the new software, please click here.

If you had created an account on our previous software, you will still have to create a new one on this software.

Do not hesitate to contact us at 215-750-3890 and someone in the Parks & Recreation Department can assist you with registration. Thank you for participating with Middletown Township Parks & Recreation. 



 Being well, having fun and strengthening our communities are some of the ways that our local parks and recreation enhance the lives of all       Pennsylvanians.  It's good for you.  It's good for all.  We welcome you to click the Find Local Parks button and start finding some good of your own here in Middletown Township.  


What are the Benefits of Local Parks?
From Nice to Have to Need to Have


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